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Thomis - who we are

They are two human beings at their best age, him from the Italian part of Switzerland, Her from the area of Biel, who have met in the watch metropolis of Switzerland. After a few years of traveling and exploring the world they went back to where it all began. And they are still there, working and living.

For more than two decades they have shared their common path. It is very important to them to balance their hectic careers and their personal lives. They love cosy evenings in front of the warming fireplace with a nice drop of wine. Sometimes this ends in long discussions and stimulating talks, sometimes these hours are enjoyed reading a good book.

Him - a techno freak, a loyal and quiet husband and business man.

Her - a wife and business person always committed, responsible and with a fantastic humour

Them - two for ever hungry guinea pigs

It - the inquisitive house ghost

The - a loyal companion on 4 wheels since 1983 - completely rebuilt in 1998


There is a great chance for our friends that we have a bed for you for an overnight stay

Contact us as soon as you come closer to our region - you are very welcome!